Salon Manager Job Duties

By | July 24, 2013

A salon manager has to oversee all the daily activities in a salon and ensure that the staffs are carrying out their duty efficiently. They are responsible for efficient running as well as profitability of the salon. It is the duty of a salon manager to ensure that the number of client count is maintained. A salon manager has to ensure satisfaction of the clients and also see to it that the health and safety compliances are met. Besides these there are other duties of salon manager as well that are mentioned below:

Salon manager job duties

  • Salon manager has to oversee the daily activities of the staffs and ensure that they carry out their duties effectively.
  • Salon manager has to maintain a healthy business with high profitability.
  • Salon manager has to ensure client satisfaction and confirm that the client count is maintained.
  • Salon manager has to adhere to the financial guidelines and ensure that the overhead budget is maintained.
  • Salon manager assigns the cleanliness and maintenance job to vendors.
  • Salon manager has to motivate and encourage all the staff so that they give their best effort and add to the growth of the salon.
  • Salon manager has to attend to grievances of the customers and tries to find solutions in order to solve them.
  • Salon manager has to work closely with the managing director of the salon in to promote the image of the salon.
  • Salon manager has to ensure that the hairdressing trends and uniform of the staffs are as per the policy of the salon.
  • Salon manager has to keep a track of the stock of the products and place order for products if required.
  • Salon manager has to ensure that the staffs follow best practices.
  • Salon manager has to check weekly control sheet. 

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