Sales Support Manager Job Duties

By | May 17, 2013

A sales department of a company needs an employee who provides support and management services not only to the department but also the company as a whole. An employee performing this role is called a sales support manager. A Sales support manager is an individual who is involved in the hiring and recruitment process of new sales staff members and also has to handle various administrative duties.

There are many other tasks which a person working at this position has to do and to know more about some of these duties, you can refer to the following given points.

Sample Sales Support Manager Job Duties

  • A sales support manager has to handle the managerial or administrative duties of the sales department of a company and provide assistance to various members of the sales team.
  • A sales support manager is required to manage the daily tasks and activities of the operational sales functions. He/she must also oversee the working of procedures like preparation of reports, charts, flowcharts and various other kinds of statistical data.
  • It is the duty of a sales support manager to track the progress of client based projects and provide support and assistance to the other staff members as and when required.
  • Another important job duty of a sales support manager is to handle and help in resolving customer complaints and client problems. He/she must also handle internal matters of the sales department such as staff complaints etc.
  • It is the job of a sales support manager to administer and supervise activities of sales technicians and office technicians by giving them orders and getting basic tasks done such as answering of calls, responding to emails, arranging meetings, making sales objectives etc.
  • Another duty demands sales support managers to set goals and implement strategies to achieve those goals.

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