Sales Representative Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Sales Representative Duties


Sales Representatives are middle or junior level employees working under sales managers or executives depending on their qualification, experience, product knowledge and achievement, if any, earned by them in their previous employments. They take instructions and work in particular segments and endeavour to achieve the targets though at times, they may be asked to look after more than one territory pending recruitment of new incumbent. Depending on the seniority and the clout enjoyed by them, they may also be directed to train the new recruits and report their performance to the senior management/sales manager. They too report to the next higher level executives or assistant managers.

Job Duties of Sales Representatives

  • Provide an excellent sales pitch about the organization represented, the products/service the organization provides, deliver power point presentation about the functionality and utility of using the products/services;
  • Evince interest on the buyers or the purchasing agents to buy their organization’s products or services;
  • Must be able to converse with free flow of the language to create an interest among the audience to listen;
  • Receive objections and adverse remarks and attempt to address the same and ensure the prospects/audience develop interest and get convinced;
  • Call the customers over phone only for fixing appointments, follow up for orders, receivables and repeat orders;
  • Never to call customers or prospects on phone to deliver sales pitch;
  • Report to the higher-ups in case of any serious dispute or difficult to handle a customer and provide full history of initial conversation;
  • Maintain rapport with prospects contacted and develop friendship,
  • Assist customers with information they need besides settlement of any claim;
  • Create mutual goodwill and acquire buyer loyalty through his friendly and enthusiastic approach.
  • Communicate effectively with higher-ups and juniors besides clients.



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