Sales Manager (Travel) Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Sales Manager (Travel) Duties

The basic job duty of a travel sales manager is to increase the business of any travel agency, be it in the form of hotel bookings or in the form of passenger tickets. With a strong belief in relationship management and strong interpersonal communication and networking skills, he must have the ability to work under complex situations.

Job Duties of a Travel Sales Manager

  • His major job duty is to identify the travel agents in the branch catchment area.
  • He must give stress on building relationships and based on that acquire the travel agents and see that the network of agents increases with every passing month.
  • He should be involved in the recruitment and product trainings to the CSO’s.
  • In order to have an impact on the agents, it is his major job duty to make joint calls with the CSO’s. After every few months, he will have to prove that due to his efforts the sales of the company has gone up.
  • He will have to drive and handhold them for the same.
  • In many cases, he will have to help the management in giving proper service to the customers if he finds any gap in customer satisfaction.

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