Sales Manager Job Duties

By | September 27, 2010

Sales Manager Duties

Sales Managers in any organization aim at selling the organizations’ products/services to all the potential clients thereby meet the target. They first study the organization’s perspectives, goal and the products which they want the sales manager to sell and bring revenue to the organization. To achieve the corporate objective, they must plan, organize and strategize their work pattern, determine number of people required down the line and the market segment to be targeted. The sales manager normally directs the people down the line to plan and divide the work among them and expect each one of them to report.

Job Duties of Sales Manager

  • Determine the scope, limitations as to deciding authority having financial implication and the boundary within which his contribution to the organization is expected
  • Develop and perform the entire sales activities in the targeted  markets
  • Direct the sales team and provide guidance and leadership towards achieving maximum profitability and growth in accordance with the organization’s objectives.
  • Plan and strategize to expand the customer base in the market and contributes to the development of organization’s growth;
  • Draw action plans for self and individuals for effective search of sales leads and prospects;
  • Initiate timely feedback to senior management on the performance of organization’s products/service and suggest measures to combat any shortcoming;
  • Take feedback from junior staff besides explore competitors’ activities and strategize suitable actions;
  • Monitor the activities of team members, track their performances from time to time and ensure sales orders are executed on time,
  • Track of receivables and initiate steps with problem customers and resolve any dispute;
  • Endeavour employees and customers’ retention and prevent attritions to the extent possible;
  • Evaluate, recruit and hire staff based on criteria stipulated by senior management.

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