Sales Consultant Job Duties

By | August 7, 2010

Sales Consultant Duties

The primary duty of a sales consultant is to recognize the requirements of a customer and give an opportunity for those requirements to be met through the purchase of the product or service. A efficient sales consultant should guide a potential customer to discovering his requirements and then recommend the best possible solution to endure his needs are fulfilled.

Job Duties of a Sales Consultant

  • A sales consultant’s duties include meeting or exceeding the targeted sales quotas
  • To maintain customer relationships after the sale
  • He needs to manage a sales territory
  • Marketing products and services
  • Making sales calls and get in touch with with prospective and existing customers
  • He will have to create a customer base
  • One of his major duties would be to provide service and individual attention to the customers
  • He should keep records of all dealings with customers, regardless of the effect of a sale
  • He needs to remain updated on product knowledge
  • An experienced sales consultant always seeks opportunities to consistently learn and train
  • It will be a responsibility of a sales consultant to develop creative sales techniques
  • In order to maximize profitability of the company he requires to grow existing account base
  • Another important duty would be to educate customers through in depth explanations and/or demonstrations

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