Sales Administrator Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Sales Administrator Job Duties include handling the sales team and ensuring their targets are met on time. He is also involved in various other activities. In order to get into this position one must have a bachelor’s degree. He must also hold a relevant work experience and have good communication skills in order to handle this position well.

Sales Administrator Job Duties

  • A sales administrator is required to handle various sales activities
  • He needs to handle the sales team and ensure that the team members are able to perform their tasks efficiently.
  • He needs to define the targets to be met by the sales team and see to it that they are met on time.
  • He needs to familiarize the new sales agents with the policies and procedures of the company and train them
  • He needs to process new work orders received from the clients
  • A sales administrator is also involved in figuring out the company requirements and placing the required orders with the suppliers
  • He is required to conduct internal provisioning processes
  • He needs to monitor the progress of the orders placed to the suppliers
  • His work involves dealing directly with the customers to provide them information about their work orders.
  • A sales administrator needs to answer the general customer queries related to their orders
  • He is also required to maintain sales reports
  • He needs to evaluate the work done by the sales staff, figure out the problem areas and provide them feedback.
  • A sales administrator needs to look out for newer means to make improvisations in the system.

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