Roofer Job duties

By | February 28, 2012

A roofer is the person who covers roofs of the structures with the shingles, asphalt, slate, aluminum, wood and the related materials. He may also spray roofs, sidings and the walls with the material to bind, insulate, seal or the soundproof sections of the structures.

Roofer Job Duties

  • To align the roofing materials with the edges of roof.
  • To apply the alternate layers of hot asphalt or roofing paper and tar to roofs according to the specifications.
  • To apply gravel or the pebbles over the top layers of the roof using rakes or the stiff-bristled brooms.
  • To apply plastic coatings or membranes, felt over sloped roofs or fiberglass before applying the shingles.
  • To cement or nail the flashing-strips of metal or shingle over the joints to make them watertight and avoid water leakage.
  • To cover the exposed nail heads with roofing cement or caulking thereby prevents from water leakage and rust.
  • To cover the roofs and the exterior walls of the structures with slate, gravel, gypsum, asphalt, aluminum, wood, and the related materials, using tools like brushes, hammers, knives, punches, and other tools.
  • To cut the felt, shingles and strips of flashing and fit them into angles formed by the walls, the vents and the intersecting roof surfaces.
  • To cut the roofing paper to the expected size using knives and nail the roofing paper to roofs by overlapping strips to form the bases for other materials to be applied over.
  • To glaze the top layers thereby making a smooth finish or embed gravels in the bitumen for a rough surface.

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