Revenue Accountant Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Revenue Accountant Duties

Revenue accountant major duty is to monitor all the revenue collection in the company. Revenue accountant is able to tell and ensure that the payments are made on time by the clients. Revenue accountant also monitor and manages revenue accounts and various activities related with the billing departments. Revenue accountant provide basic ideas for the marketing department so that they can help them to increase the company’s revenue intake.

Job Duties of Revenue Accountant

  • Revenue accountant monitors the financial records and imbursement accounts in the organization.
  • Revenue accountant major duty is to take a close look on the daily reconciliation charges which held’s between bank and company accounts.
  • Maintain an excel sheet of reconciliatory of the daily and monthly revenue, this is one of the main aspect of his duties.
  • Support the financial analyst in processing and reviewing royalties and also help him to update the revenue sheet.
  • His major duty is to participate in the quarterly, monthly and annual accounting cycle. His presence is very significant at this phase.
  • In charge of the company receivables, payables, handles company reports and able to make a perfect communication between partners and stakeholders.

Capable to see all the accountant transactions for each month and is able to adjust monthly entries.

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