Retail Supervisor Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Retail Supervisor job duties include supervising the staff at the retail store and working towards increasing the sales and boosting the business of the store. He is also involved in hiring the retail store staff, giving them training sessions on handling various tasks, testing their knowledge and evaluating their performance.

It is recommended to pursue a degree in retail management if you aspire to excel in this field. One also requires a good amount of experience in this field in order to get into this position.

Retail Supervisor Job Duties

  • Retail Supervisor is involved in hiring new members for the retail store. He needs to conduct a round of interview with them to judge their caliber.
  • Retail Supervisor needs to train the staff members of the retail store and schedule work for them.
  • Retail Supervisor is required to instruct the staff members on carrying out various tasks.
  • Retail Supervisor needs to assess the work done by the retail store staff and give them feedback on the same. He is also required to appraise them.
  • Retail Supervisor is required to promote the products and services of the store by making use of different methods.
  • Retail Supervisor needs to place advertisements in the magazines, newspapers or on the internet in order to market the product to boost the sales.
  • Retail Supervisor is required to prepare and maintain the timesheets and the attendance records.
  • Retail Supervisor is required to ensure that the merchandise is placed appropriately in the store.
  • Retail Supervisor needs to maintain the attendance sheet of the employees and make sure that they come to the store on time.
  • Retail Supervisor is also required to deal with the customers and provide them assistance.
  • Retail Supervisor needs to stay updated with the information related products and services being provided by the company as well as the competitor’s products.

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