Retail Sales Consultant Job Duties

By | February 28, 2012

Retail Sales Consultants form an essential part of almost every industry. They are basically required to handle the customer queries and acquaint them with the products and services of their company. They need to make the prospective customer understand the utility and advantages of various items being sold by their company. A candidate having a degree in sales and marketing is preferred for this post.

Retail Sales Consultants Job Duties

  • Retail Sales Consultants are required to deal with the perspective customers and it is thus essential for them to have good communication and interpersonal skills
  • They need to give information about their products and services to the perspective customers
  • Retail Sales Consultants are required to persuade the customers to buy their products and services
  • They need to prepare new strategies to boost the sale of their products and services
  • They are involved in maintaining the store equipments. They need to ensure that everything is kept at place and is presentable
  • Retail Sales Consultants need to ensure that the work place is kept clean and tidy
  • They need to monitor the inventory, check as to which product is in demand and order supplies from the wholesalers
  • They need to answer the customer queries and provide them all the information they require about the product and services. They need to clarify the client’s doubts
  • Retail Sales Consultants need to keep a track of the sales made and prepare sales reports.
  • They are required to record the details of all the transactions on a daily basis.


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