Retail Sales Assistant Job Duties

By | January 10, 2014

Retail Sales Assistant is one who provides assistance to the customers during the shopping. Some of the other activities that a retail sales assistant undertakes are maintenance of the records of inventory on the counters, billing for the products and arranging the products in the store etc. Retail Sales assistant must have a friendly attitude and they must understand the value of customer satisfaction.

They should have good knowledge about the products they are dealing with to solve any query of the customer. They must have a prompt attitude and smiling personality. Retail sales assistant job duties also require the candidate to posses good understanding about the policies and procedures involved in their product segments. Computer knowledge is an added advantage for the sales assistant who are dealing with technical products.

Retail Sales Assistant Job Duties

  • Retail Sales assistant must assist customers in their purchase by directing them correctly to the product they are looking for.
  • They are responsible for arranging the merchandise in the store, stocking the sales floor, display and organisation of the products and stock rotation.
  • They must be able to complete their daily reports about cash, production and balance etc.
  • They must keep a record of the products which are displayed for the sale and they must keep replacing the stock as it gets over from their display racks.
  • They should be able to answer telephone calls in professional manner and they must be able to answer the customer queries on the phone as well.
  • They should be able to filter out the merchandise according to their specification.
  • A retail sales assistant should resolve all customer complaints and handle all customer refunds where applicable in a timely manner.
  • All the supply related needs should be informed to the manager on time to avoid the out-of-stock situation.
  • Sort out the products and keep them in their designated spots.

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