Retail Customer Service Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Retail Customer Service Duties

The main job of the retail customer service is to handle all the questions made regarding to the services and products related with the work or store. Their main job is to answers all the phone calls and emails from the clients. Beside all these things they must provide the best solutions to the customer’s complaints.

Job duties of Retail Customer Service

  • Handling all the quires made by the customer and provides a solution for those queries.
  • Retail customer services have to understand the full concept of the market so that they can provide a better solution.
  • Responding to customer problem as soon as possible.
  • Must aware customers from the latest market trend and suggest them the best possible solutions so that they might not have any sort of loss.
  • Should adopt all the guidelines made according to retail market and follow all the basic strategies to satisfy their customers.
  • Managing the account of the customer processing orders, verifications, request and applications.
  • Must resolved all the issues and if not able to do so then direct them to the appropriate sources.
  • Attend all the customer services support meeting regularly, to learn the basic concept of satisfying customers and make better approach towards various problems.

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