Retail Associate Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Retail Associate Job Duties mainly include assisting the customers by providing them the required items, arranging the items systematically on the store shelf and working towards increasing the store’s sales. Apart from this, there are various other job duties that a retail associate is required to handle; these are mentioned below in detail.

A retail associate must have good inter-personal skills and a pleasing personality in order to carry out various tasks efficiently. Though there is no specific educational requirement for this position, it is recommended to pursue a degree in retail management as it helps in the professional growth in this field.

Retail Associate Job Duties

  • Retail Associate is required to provide good customer service to the customers who enter their store.
  • Retail Associate needs to welcome each customer with a smile and greet them properly.
  • Retail Associate is required to make the customers feel comfortable and ask them for their requirement of products and services.
  • Retail Associate needs to ask the customers about their budget and show them the products accordingly.
  • Retail Associate is required to ensure that the customers are given the best possible deal as per the budget set by them.
  • Retail Associate needs to achieve the sales targets set by the store officials.
  • Retail Associate is required to provide information related to the products and services to the customers. He needs to clarify all the doubts and answer to all the product related queries of the customers.
  • Retail Associate needs to see to it that the merchandise is displayed appropriately at the store. He needs to ensure that it is set in a way that it looks attractive to the customers visiting or even passing by the store.
  • Retail Associate is required to maintain a record of the goods sold to the customers.
  • Retail Associate needs to inform the purchasing department about the requirement for new stock.

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