Restaurant Supervisor Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Restaurant Supervisor Duties

Your basic job will be to supervise the operations of the restaurant and see to it that a safe food environment is maintained so that there is a regular flow of customers. You will also be responsible for proper revenue management and ensure that the profitability of the restaurant is on the higher side.

Duties of a Restaurant Supervisor

  • You will have to a make a work plan of the entire restaurant and assign tasks to the different employees as per the plan.
  • Since you are responsible for maintaining the profitability of the restaurant, you will have to continuously check all the vendor invoices and see that all the purchases are being made with proper level of pricing. If any change is needed to maintain the profitability of the enterprise, you must inform the senior management about it.
  • You should ensure that inventory levels are maintained as per service requirements to ensure that wastage is less. You will see that all the policies of the company are implemented in the F&B area. You must check the menu price list and ensure that it is always current.
  • You will have to organize regular promotional events and coordinate such activities with all the members of the staff.

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