Restaurant Manager Job Duties

By | April 25, 2011

Restaurant Manager Duties

The person in charge of organizing every activity in the restaurant, coordinating the duties and work of each staff and accommodating guests and making them feel special and comfortable, is the restaurant manager. He is the one who is directly responsible for the general operations of the restaurant. He supervises every area, and makes sure that everything is under control and everything is running the way each one should.

Restaurant Manager Job Duties

  • Lead the restaurant by giving specific instructions and procedures to its team members in their everyday lives towards their objective to meet their target.
  • To ensure that they are serving passed the food safety procedure at all times.
  • Ensure cleanliness of surrounding and its working area in accordance to food safety matters.
  • Give high quality kind of food that will give enough satisfaction to the customers.
  • Serve people and any customer in a very delighted way.
  • Be on the floor at all times in order to see the overall happening in the restaurant.
  • Conduct random checking in all areas of the restaurant to ensure that everything is safe and doing well.
  • Conduct random checking as well in kitchen area in order to ensure proper preparation of food to be served to the customers.
  • Always make him available to the needs of their customer.
  • Facilitate the needs of the restaurant in order to meet its target.
  • Ensure that the overall needs of the restaurant either to its people, materials and others are in good control.


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