Restaurant Hostess Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Restaurant Hostess Job Duties include attending the guests as they arrive in the restaurant. It is essential for a restaurant hostess to have good communication and inter-personal skills in order to deal with the clients. Though most employers prefer candidates having prior work experience in this field, however, it is not mandatory.

Restaurant Hostess Job Duties

  • Restaurant Hostess is required to supervise the activities of the restaurant’s dining room in order to provide good service to the client.
  • Restaurant Hostess needs to coordinate with the restaurant staff for carrying out various arrangements.
  • Restaurant Hostess makes arrangements for parties and other occasions to be celebrated at the restaurant.
  • Restaurant Hostess is expected to greet the guests with smile.
  • Restaurant Hostess is required to escort the guests to the table.
  • Restaurant Hostess needs to provide menus to the guests.
  • Restaurant Hostess may ask for customer feedback on the hospitality offered at the restaurant.
  • Restaurant Hostess may take orders from special guests and supervise the staff while they serve the food to those guests.
  • Restaurant Hostess inspects the restaurant’s dining room to ensure cleanliness in that area.
  • Restaurant Hostess needs to be polite with the clients/ guests.
  • Restaurant Hostess is required to ensure that the dining tables are set properly.
  • Restaurant Hostess may be involved in hiring the dining room staff.
  • Restaurant Hostess may give suggestions while the restaurant’s menu is being decided.
  • Restaurant Hostess might be required to train the dining room staff members.
  • Restaurant Hostess might assist in the preparation of beverages for special guests.

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