Restaurant General Manager Job Duties

By | December 25, 2013

A restaurant general manager is one who is responsible for the overall functioning of a restaurant. It is a crucial profile that demands management of all the sections in a restaurant so that the customers can have most satisfying dining experience in the restaurant. Achieving utmost customer satisfaction is the responsibility of a restaurant manager and the profile also ensures that the restaurant runs profitably while maintaining its reputation and brand image.

The candidate is responsible for coordinating the variety of activities irrespective of the size of the restaurant. The restaurant general manager job duties also include aspects of safety and hygiene that is of primary importance for the sustainability of the restaurant.

Restaurant General Manager Job Duties

  • The candidate must manage the maintenance, operations and overall effective functioning of a restaurant kitchen.
  • They are responsible for coordinating day-to-day’s activities, organising of the shift pattern of all the staff working in the restaurant.
  • Strategic planning of the menu and special dishes in the restaurant is also undertaken by the candidate.
  • They are also responsible for using creativity and modern technologies in marketing and development of the restaurant.
  • It is a job which is highly demanding and as a restaurant manager one must have through knowledge about the customer management skills.
  • They analyse and understand the sales level and profitability of the restaurant along with implementing the strategies for enhancing the growth and popularity of a restaurant.
  • All the discount schemes, promotional events and seasonal offers are decided and implemented by the Restaurant General Manager.
  • They also make the plan for staff management and keep all the records about the profits and sales.
  • They also handle the customer queries and customer complaints and manage the private reservations for bulk orders or for the VIP customers.
  • They also manage the shifts organisation and cleanliness of the restaurants.

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