Restaurant Consultant Job Duties

By | May 21, 2014

A restaurant consultant is one who helps the restaurant in solving all the problems that are likely to arise in a restaurant. Restaurant consultant job duties vary according to the kind of restaurant associated with but in general the duties are more or less the same. The job duties include activities related to human resources, interiors, food management, transportation etc. Some of the restaurant consultant job duties are given below for a better idea.

Restaurant Consultant Job duties

  • Design and implement food management facilities at the restaurant which provides maximum profit and least wastage at all times.
  • Undertakes all kinds of compliances such as food and safety etc and validate the same with the government department on behalf of the restaurant every year without fail or as may be necessary.
  • Prepare and suggest best energy management in order to help the restaurant in bringing down costs related to utility bills.
  • Providing assistance to finance and accounts departments to help build and implement viable and profitable budget for each year and also advise in revising the same when necessary.
  • Ensure proper channel management for assigned procurement and distribution of food materials in order to bring down misuse and pilferage at all stages of food materials supplied.
  • Provide proper master plan for the effective functioning of the restaurant which includes interiors, furniture and fixtures, parking space allocation etc for the restaurant.
  • Provide assistance in managing the manpower resources of the restaurant in an optimal manner so that every employee in the restaurant is made to work according to skill and expertise levels.
  • Provide litigation and legal support to the restaurant management as and when necessary.
  • Establish proper time management systems for providing services to restaurant customers in a timely manner on a daily basis without fail.

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