Restaurant Assistant Manager Job Duties

By | February 18, 2014

Restaurant Assistant manager job duties involve assisting the restaurant manager in their various tasks. They are responsible for managing the staff in the absence of the Manager. They also coordinate and guide other staff in the restaurant for its proper functioning. Restaurant Assistant managers also interact with the customers in the restaurant to make sure that the customer gets the utmost satisfaction and care from the services offered in the restaurant.

They work as a quality control managers and give training to other employees so that they adhere to the policies and procedures of the restaurant. All the other duties like cooking and preparing the food, serving, stock management and cash management is coordinated and managed by Restaurant Assistant managers.

Restaurant Assistant Manager Job Duties

  • Restaurant Assistant manager help in the processes related to successful management of a restaurant.
  • They train the employees and supervise the existing employees to ensure that they are fulfilling all their responsibility in an appropriate manner.
  • They interact with the customers to understand their specific requirements and also get their feedback about the services offered in the restaurant.
  • They manage the cash in the restaurant along with managing the credit card payments.
  • They also manage and maintain the cash register along with bills and other documents.
  • They greet the customers and make sure that customer feel comfortable and satisfied by the services provided in the restaurant.
  • They also supervise and assess the cooking, serving, table setting, cleanliness and stock management in the restaurant.
  • Restaurant Assistant managers also supervise all other employees who work in the restaurant.
  • They also assist in the process of making the decision about any policy change in the restaurant along with suggesting their opinions about the other changes required in the restaurant.
  • They also resolve any kind of conflict which may arise with the customers or any other complications happening amongst the other restaurant employees.

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