Respiratory Therapist Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Respiratory Therapist Job Duties include helping patients suffering from breathing problems. They are involved in diagnosing the exact respiratory problem and conducting its treatment. It is essential to acquire a medical degree specializing in curing the respiratory diseases in order to get into this position; undergoing a professional training after acquiring the degree acts as an added advantage.

Respiratory Therapist Job Duties

  • Respiratory Therapists are required to assist patients having breathing problems.

  • Respiratory Therapists need to conduct diagnostic tests.

  • Respiratory Therapists provide respiratory therapies to the patients in order to cure them.

  • Respiratory Therapists need to examine the patients having respiratory problems in order to determine the level of problem.

  • Respiratory Therapists provide therapies to control the patients’ blood-oxygen levels.

  • Respiratory Therapists are required to monitor the patient’s breathing problem.

  • Respiratory Therapists need to work with cardiopulmonary equipments to carry out various treatments.

  • Respiratory Therapists work with machines that are used to check patient’s breathing issues.

  • Respiratory Therapists need to ensure safety precautions while using medical equipments

  • Respiratory Therapists are required to judge the acuteness of the patient’s respiratory problem.

  • Respiratory Therapists must be available for their patients at all times.

  • Respiratory Therapists need to review the patient charts.

  • Respiratory Therapists may have to consult the general physician before giving certain medicines to his patients.

  • Respiratory Therapists need to check the medical records of the patient and see if he is undergoing any other medical treatment before prescribing any medicine or giving any therapy to him/ her.

  • Respiratory Therapists need to document the therapies the patients are undergoing and the medicines given to them.

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