Resident Engineer Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Resident Engineer Duties

Being a Resident Engineer you are in charge of the construction projects and hence it will be your responsibility to prepare the report to the District Construction Engineer about the job progress and the actions of the workforce. You can alter the project plan on the field sometimes if required, but you should remember that large scale alterations should get the approval of the higher authorities before implementation.

Job Duties of a Resident Engineer

  • You will have to take a stake in the projects or carry out a quality insurance test to ensure that the stake of the contractor staked projects are correctly staked.
  • After a property has been correctly staked, it will be your foremost duty to notify the property owner in writing that the stakes are in place.
  • Your responsibility also includes ensuring that all building materials and equipments used on a particular project are genuine.
  • Another duty of a resident engineer is to make sure that all materials and equipment used on a project meet up the necessary specifications.
  • Resident Engineers are responsible for examining whether the final output of the project meets the condition and quality requirements of the agreement. Hence you will have to make sure that after completion the project meets the exact demands of the contract, and that all work is perfectly noted and reported.

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