Research Scientist for Public Health Programs Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Research scientist for public health programs Duties

As a Research Scientist you will have to design studies, and collect, examine, understand and report data. There will be several research conducted for a range of public health programs including the quality of drinking water, harmful waste exposure review, poison risk, and assessment and safety measures associated with emerging pathogens. Typical research fields comprise of biology, chemistry, epidemiology, medicine and behavioral sciences.

Job Duties of a Research Scientist for Public Health Programs

  • You will have to conduct several survey of pharmaceutical products in drinking water reservoirs, and also make an assessment of their health risks
  • Your area of research work also includes the subjects like ambient air quality and asthma
  • Legionella eruption associated to the air conditioning systems at health care services,
  • You will have to evaluate various ┬átreatment requirements for recreational spray grounds to prevent communicable disease outbreaks,
  • Conduct surveys regarding indoor air quality
  • You must try to research on environmental dangers related to cancer,
  • Study and analyze various aspects of the rising problems due to terrorism.
  • As a research scientist you will have to work in association with the agency program personnel and with other research agencies.


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