Research Fellow Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Research Fellow Duties

Being a University Research fellow you will be responsible for expanding and strengthening existing research programs as per the University guidelines. You will have to work with the academic board members as well as the staff directors of the University to assess existing research which are relevant to the objectives of the organization.

Job Duties of Research Fellow

  • Strengthening and growing the existing research plans within the University Guiding Strategy.
  • You will have to work in collaboration with the academic Board members and also the staff directors in order to evaluate the researches pertinent to the mission of the Organization.
  • Your task will be to create unique and innovative research ideas.
  • You are allowed to invite lead researchers to offer their ideas to the board and staff if required.
  • In addition to this research fellows are entitled to participate in collaborative meetings with other research groups.
  • As a Research fellow you might have to help in developing proposals for external fund support of research activities and providing assistance in writing reports for the sponsors.
  • Another duty of a Research Fellow includes presenting research materials to chief constituencies or advisory bodies.
  • Besides, the Research Fellows need to guide other staff and students in individual specialist area, which comprises of supervising undergraduate projects.

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