Research Attorney Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Research Attorney Duties

The job of a Research Attorney is to provide general legal assistance to the judges and Commissioners. Moreover as a Research Attorney you must evaluate civil motions as well as both civil and criminal appeals, plan detailed legal memoranda under direction, and prepare drafts of the proposed orders by clearly explaining the basis of the Court’s ruling.

Job Duties of Research Attorney

  • You will have to study the motions related to civil law as well as assessing the appeals which has been made to Court Appellate division in case of civil and criminal cases.
  • You will have to identify and review the factual and legal matters significant to the court.
  • Study all resources pertaining to the legal issue, research thoroughly and take advises of the officers on issues occurs during trial or in other matters which they are taking into consideration.
  • Proper indexing of memos and legal research are also required.
  • You need to seek advice from with other Research Attorneys or volunteers as well as the externs if any issue arises in motions or appeals on which they are providing assistance.
  • One of your most important job will be to take part in reviewing tentative rulings for errors prior to issuance and making desirable changes if needed; You will also provide proposed tentative rulings to the judges for assessment and keep the records of tentative rulings as well.

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