Reporter Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Reporter Duties

The major job duty of a reporter is to collect and analyze the information about newsworthy events and write them as news stories for publication or broadcast. You will receive assignment on a regular basis or may have to evaluate news leads and news tips to develop story idea.

Job Duties of a Reporter

  • You will have to gather information in details about a certain story through interview or manual research.
  • To make the stories interesting, you may have to take photographs or video shoots of your stories. That will definitely help your stories become more lively and acceptable to the readers.
  • If the story needs urgent telecast, it will be your duty to deliver the report from the site of the event or mobile broadcast unit.
  • Your duty will be to become specialized in a certain field like sports, business, politics, court trials or police activities. But you must know that it is your basic job duty to go and cover stories in other areas if it is felt urgently by the management.
  • Another important duty of yours is to write the story according to the prescribed editorial style and policies set out by the management.

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