Recruitment Specialist Job Duties

By | February 7, 2014

Recruitment specialist job duties involve analyzing the potential candidates and matching them to available job positions accordingly. The candidate is responsible for all the activities that revolve around the recruitment process which includes recruiting, marketing promotional activities and all other human resources activities. The candidate should possess good communication skills apart from having good experience in the recruitment process to be able to take up this position in a company.

Recruitment Specialist Job Duties

  • Coordinate with the management to identify the job positions that are required to be filled from time to time.
  • Assessing the potential candidates and matching them to the most suitable position in the company.
  • Provide detailed descriptions of each job position in consultation with the respective departments and update the same on a regular basis.
  • Make contact with the suitable candidates for each position and discuss to investigate further personal and professional information before short listing.
  • Detailed examination of candidate applications and finalize the list of candidates that need to be called for the interview or written test as may be applicable.
  • Prepare brochures and advertising campaigns for advertising in various media such as news paper, employment magazine etc as and when required by the company for a specific position.
  • Make arrangements for candidates to attend the interview especially for out station candidates.
  • Coordinate all the activities related to the interview process and collection of interview results from the interview panel at the end of the interview session.
  • Organizing the details of the interview process and preparing a list of the selected candidates.
  • Responsible for documentation of the interview process and also database of all the candidates who were not selected in the interview for future use.
  • Identification of potential candidates for a suitable position through employment portals online and contact them for possible recruitment process.

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