Recreational Therapist Job Duties

By | January 29, 2014

Recreational therapist’s job duties involve services and treatment offerings to people who are suffering from any kind of illness and disabilities. The recreational services to the client involves offering support through games, sports, dance and movements, community outings, maintaining mental and emotional well being and support through arts and craft.

The depression, anxiety and stress of the individuals are managed by these therapists by building the confidence of the patients through socialising and other community based recreational efforts. In the health care settings these Recreational therapist treat and rehabilitate individuals with the help of other nursing staff, social workers and psychologists.

Recreational Therapist Job Duties

  • Offering support to disable people and other patients who could be suffering from any acute mental or physical illness.
  • Recreational therapists use residential care facilities on the long term basis for the support of the patients.
  • They try to improve and maintain the general health of their clients with the help of group programs that are designed in structured manner.
  • Required medical interventions are also provided by recreational therapist for safeguarding their clients from suffering any further medical problems or other related complications.
  • All the observations, medical records and assessment reports are scrutinised by these recreational therapists.
  • All the need and requirements of the client is met on consistent manner by these recreational therapists.
  • They coordinate with the family of the patients for understanding the medical requirement of the patients.
  • These professionals help their clients in overcoming their mental and physical abilities like they try to teach people with right side paralysis to use their left side body.
  • These therapists also maintain the entire data base and other physical records of the patients.
  • The planning and execution of the recreational activities is also done by these recreational therapists who put in their expertise in offering the best-in-class support to their clients.

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