Recreational Assistant Job Duties

By | January 28, 2014

Recreational Assistant job duties involve assisting and supporting their clients in all the recreational activities. They assist people to gyms, swimming pools, and clubs and to a five-a-side football pitch. They are the part of multidisciplinary teams and offer services in exercise, fitness and leisure activities. They ensure the smooth and appropriate functioning of any recreational or leisure centre.

They assist their clients in all the activities and sometimes they do design the fitness plan for their clients along with managing its execution. They mostly work in fitness centres and that could be government aided or run by the local authorities. They coordinate the specific needs of the client with the concerned authorities of the fitness centres.

Recreational Assistant Job Duties

  • They assist the client in all the recreational and fitness activities by introducing to the client with various recreational options.
  • They train and support their clients to ensure their safety and utmost benefits from the recreational and fitness workouts.
  • The promotion of the fitness centres and other recreational activities is also planned and executed by recreational assistant.
  • They also manage certain administrative tasks as assigned by the centre manager and as the major duty they maintain the data base and schedule of all their clients.
  • They execute all their activities according to the regulatory authorities and they also try to follow all the guidelines related to hygiene and safety standards.
  • All the events and exhibitions put up by the organisation are also assisted by these recreational assistant.
  • Recreational assistant also handle customer queries by providing them all the details about the services and support offer at their centre.
  • Recreational assistant act as a lifeguard and try to provide the utmost care and protection to all their clients by ensuring their safety during the recreational activities.

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