Real Estate Accountant Job Duties

By | June 11, 2014

A real estate accountant is one who provides accounting support to the real estate organizations. The candidate has many duties to fulfill and thus requires to be a qualified accountant along with holding a license to provide the services to the clients.

The candidate should be very skilled and possess extensive knowledge of the real estate industry to become successful. Real estate accountant job duties given below can give a better idea of the duties that this candidate has to fulfill.

Real Estate Accountant Job Duties

  • Preparation of financial planning and provide strategies to property owners with regard to present or future properties that are acquired.
  • Prepare accounting reports which provide detailed information with regard to value of the property, income from the property, taxes applicable on the property etc on behalf of the property owner.
  • Develop budget for the real estate company that helps to forecast growth and plan for the annual forecasts required to be met by a real estate company.
  • Provide assistance to clients on behalf of the real estate company in helping property owners with sales, purchase, rental etc in a timely manner.
  • Prepare statement of accounts related to real estate transactions such as cost-benefit ratio, expense statement, income statement and operations statement on behalf of the real estate company.
  • Provide assistance to property owners in finalizing lease agreement including the financials and all other important aspects as necessary.
  • Provide asset evaluation and capitalization summary of financially viable properties for the real estate company in order to help in proper utilization of idle funds available with the company.
  • ┬áProvide assistance in calculation and preparation of tax returns on behalf of the real estate company including filing the returns of the company with the concerned tax authorities every year without fail.

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