Radiology Technician Job Duties

By | January 4, 2012


A radiology technician produces x-ray of different parts of human body in order to diagnose medical problems. In order to grab a job as a radiology technician one needs to fulfil the educational requirements for the same. You may pursue a regular degree course specializing in this or even opt for a degree program online.

Radiology Technician Job Duties


  • A radiology technician is expected to prepare the patients before taking the test for which good inter-personal skills are required. Their job requires dealing calmly with the patients.
  • They need to position the patients appropriately for the X-rays, MR scans, CT scans, etc so as to obtain correct image


  • They must know how to take X-rays of different body parts


  • They must have knowledge about carrying out magnetic resonance imaging scans


  • They should be able to conduct computed tomography scans and various other kinds of imaging tests and scans
  • They should also be able to handle a number of other radiology department tasks
  • They need to prepare reports after conducting the tests
  • They need to have knowledge about the use of various equipments used in conducting these tests
  • They must be ready to learn about newer tools and equipments used for performing the tasks at the radiology department
  • They must be able to conduct these tests on their own as well as assist a senior technician or doctor in carrying out these tests
  • They should carry out the instructions given by doctors efficiently.
  • They need to ensure that the patients are not exposed to unnecessary radiation as it might be harmful for them.



Imaging Education Requirements

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