Radio Operator Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

A Radio Operator performs several activities such as communicating with people in the ships, aircrafts, mining crews and several other places via radio equipments. They test the new equipments and see to it that they are working fine. A Radio Operator handles various other activities related to operating and managing the radio. A formal training is given in the same before starting with the work.

Radio Operator Job Duties

  • A Radio Operator uses equipments to communicate with people in the aircrafts, ships, mining crews and various other remote places.
  • He is required to switch on the power, adjust the volume and voice modulation and transmitters on different frequencies.
  • He broadcasts the weather reports and also provides any kind of warning due to bad weather condition.
  • A Radio Operator performs an inspection on the equipments on a regular basis and sees to it that the work is being done as per the operation standards.
  • He tests the new equipments before installing them and sees to it that they are working fine.
  • He repairs the radio equipments by using hand tools, power tools and electronic testing equipments.
  • He works as per the set standards and sees to it that the radio communications regulation is followed.
  • He needs to send and receive and interpret the coded messages.
  • He is required to set the antennas in order to catch the frequencies properly.
  • He needs to take the transmission instructions by communicating with the receiving operator.
  • He determines and acquires the sources from which the signals originate. This is done via direction-finding equipments and process.
  • He monitors emergency frequencies for finding out the distress calls and dispatches emergency equipments to handle such situations.

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