Radio Announcer Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

Radio Announcer job duties include conducting chat shows, playing music, broadcasting news, etc over the radio. The job duties differ based on the candidate’s specialization. It is essential to have good communication skills in order to handle this position efficiently. It is recommended to pursue a degree in radio broadcasting if you are aspiring to get into this position though it is not essential to pursue it. Most employers prefer hiring candidates having relevant work experience in this field.

Radio Announcer Job Duties

  • Radio Announcer is required to present radio shows; he may be required to host different shows based on his specialization.
  • Radio Announcer needs to understand the format of the show he is given to present over the radio.
  • Radio Announcer needs to stay updated with the information about the latest songs.
  • Radio Announcer is required to understand as to which kind of songs should be played during different kinds of programs.
  • Radio Announcer specializing in broadcasting news is required to read the news on air.
  • Radio Announcer is required to host chat shows on the radio. He is expected to do a background study of the person invited for the chat shows.
  • Radio Announcer is required to interview celebrities for their shows.
  • Radio Announcer may be required to interview the general public in order to take their views on different things and broadcast the same on the radio.
  • Radio Announcer may be required to conduct the interviews over the phone or go out in the field to take interviews.
  • Radio Announcer may write scripts and other content for their shows or read the content written by professional content/ script writers.
  • Radio Announcer is required to seek help from the DJs in making appropriate song selections for their programs.
  • Radio Announcer is required to ensure that the radio programs assigned to him are presented as per the schedule.

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