Quality Engineer Job Duties

By | April 5, 2012

Quality Engineer Job Duties include checking the quality of the goods produced in various industries. They are employed in different sectors including food, clothing, automobiles, electronics and many others. It is essential to undergo an associate’s degree in engineering specializing in quality for entry level jobs in this field. In order to grab a good position, it is essential to possess a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or quality engineering.

Quality Engineer Job Duties

  • Quality Engineers monitor the manufactured goods and evaluates their quality.
  • Quality Engineers test and inspect the products in order to ensure that they are manufactured as per the set standards.
  • Quality Engineers figure out the durability of the products by conducting quality checks
  • Quality Engineers also determine as to which part of the product may break and which one is well built.
  • Quality Engineers share the scope of improvement in the product with the manufacturers.
  • Quality Engineers approve the products that are manufactured appropriately keeping in mind the quality standards.
  • Quality Engineers inspect the material used in various products and the mechanics used while manufacturing them.
  • Quality Engineers are required to verify the product’s color, its texture, shape, size and various other elements.
  • Quality Engineers work upon finding out the reason for defects in products by analyzing various aspects.
  • Quality Engineers also develop solutions so that such defects do not occur in future.
  • Quality Engineers may be required to work in the laboratory in order to conduct tests.
  • Quality Engineers are required to prepare reports on the tests conducted by them and share them with the senior officials.

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