QTP Automation Engineer Job Duties

By | October 25, 2013

A QTP automation engineer’s job duties will include ability to generate, amend and revise QC based manual test cases, work with moderately complex test data conditioning regression testing etc. The QTP automation engineer should have certification in SDLC and STLC.

They have to get involved in generating, assessing and scrutinizing the quality reports, developing and testing tools that will minimize the defects and improve the quality. Here are some of the duties of a QTP automation engineers.

QTP Automation Engineer Job Duties

  • Contribute to establish software, and programs to define the quality process.
  • Has to efficiently participate in creating tailored strategies, to minimize the errors, and generate quality output.
  • Has to work on multiple QTP add on’s, Xceley etc.
  • Gather and analyze the defect metrics data and bring the finding to light to respective departments.
  • Has to work on oracle, TOAD, SQL, and UNIX to generate and evaluate codes. Should understand the syntax of the above.
  • Get involved in documenting the stages involved in tracing the defects, and also keep track of them.
  • Maintain quality related documents, and make sure that they are in compliance with the organizations quality standards.
  • Has to provide training on logging, and verifying the resolution of the software.
  • Has to administer and monitor the QA assets and process.
  • Should have to code about unrecognized controls in QTP. And also train the associates on integration of QTP scripts to QC.
  • Develop reports, system generate them and address them to concerned department as a quality check process.
  • Has to communicate the strategies and process to the team as well as the higher management to achieve quality output. Should give presentations with statistics one in every quarter.
  • Should train the onshore team on web protocols, and effective automation of test cases with quick test pro.

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