QA Tester Job Duties

By | June 22, 2012

QA Tester Job Duties include helping in the maintenance of various software applications and also enhancing their functions and quality. It is essential for a QA to have proper knowledge about the testing procedures and application development tools in order to handle this position efficiently. One must also possess a relevant work experience.

QA Tester Job Duties

  • QA Tester is required to plan and design the quality assurance processes and procedures for the betterment of the company.
  • QA Tester needs to implement the quality assurance processes prepared by him. He may be required to get these processes approved by the senior officials before implementing them.
  • QA Tester is required to ensure that the staff members adhere to the set quality standards while performing their tasks.
  • QA Tester needs to prepare solutions to test the software applications being used in different departments.
  • QA Tester must stay updated with the different software applications installed for different functions/ departments.
  • QA Tester is required to coordinate the test plans for quality assurance and ensure that these plans are used appropriately to test various programs and processes.
  • QA Tester needs to work on the quality assurance software functions.
  • QA Tester needs to ensure that the various ongoing processes are as per the company policies.
  • QA Tester is required to coordinate with the internal employees as well as the external clients to carry out various tasks.
  • QA Tester needs to manage the test environments for the testing tasks.
  • QA Tester is required to handle the testing software scripts and ensure that these are as per the requirement set by the company officials.
  • QA Tester needs to work in association with the business analysts and production experts.
  • QA Tester is required to prepare reports based on the testing done by them and share the same with the senior officials to discuss the scope of improvement.

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