QA Automation Engineer Job Duties

By | October 28, 2013

A QA automation engineer is one who is involved with processes such as architecture, designing, testing and leading the automation process. A QA automation engineer has many crucial responsibilities to fulfill such as processing functional aspects of automation, testing automation framework, undertaking bug tracking in automation tools, writing data for functional and progressive testing methodologies etc.  Some of the job duties of the QA automation engineer are mentioned here below for reference.

QA Automation Engineer Job Duties

  • Has to effectively design plans, tools and software for finding out the defects in the programs or software.
  • Has to write QA scripts or java scripts to test a program, software or product.
  • Understand SQL, java syntax to generate a corresponding code, and apply in a product.
  • Should handle GUI and other functional testing workflow efficiently and help the team in understanding the methodologies.
  • Motivate the team and build them to find flaws even in complex software’s.
  • Coordinate with developers and programmers to analyze the requirements, and the areas which need to be focused. And thus creating a better system.
  • Keep improving the quality of the process and proficient with continuous integration tools.
  • Involve in building strong analytical team, which is proficient in data analyzing techniques.
  • Perform exploratory test to ensure smooth working of the system at all levels as expected by the end user.
  • Participation in all the stages of the iterative process and value addition is required.
  • Monitor the process followed, and the execution methods to keep track of repeated defects, defects that can be avoided, and the success rates of the testing to improve the quality as well as time consumption.
  • Should get involved in planning strategies, and latest techniques, and ensure implementation of them in the testing process.

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