Purchasing Supervisor Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Purchasing Supervisor Duties

The basic job duty of the purchasing officer is to look after the team of buyers from whom the company is buying a lot of items on a regular basis. His job duty is also to see that all materials are bought and delivered at the right time, so that there is no shortage of materials that lead to the stop of work at the project. He will have to report to the Purchasing Manager on a regular basis.

Job Duties of a Purchasing Supervisor


  • A purchasing supervisor will have to train, supervise and evaluate the performance for retention of professional technical divisional staff.
  • By giving excellent customer service, he is expected to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, officials and all members of the public. But, if necessary, he may have to inspect invoices and troubleshoot with the buyers on issues related to wrong payments, credits, payment terms, and duplicate billings.
  • If required, he may have to advise and assist other employees of the purchase department in purchasing procedures. In the process, he is expected to assist in writing specifications and scope of work.
  • It is necessary for him to interact with the vendors, buyers, and inter-departmental customers throughout the procurement process. It will also be his job duty keeping abreast of changes in the procurement trends.


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