Purchasing Manager Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Purchasing Manager Duties

The main job duty of a purchasing manager is to locate different vendors for supply of materials, equipment or supplies, and negotiate with them in order to determine product availability and terms of sales. It will be also his primary duty to prepare and process requisitions and place purchase orders for supplies and equipment. He must see that all the products of the company are being sold at most competitive price.

Job Duties of a Purchase Manager

  • He will have to process the requisitions and give the necessary orders for purchase of those items.
  • He must have a control on the budget of the purchasing department and negotiate with the vendors in a similar manner, so that the company gets the items at the most competitive price.
  • He must have a regular update of the market developments and analyze the market and delivery systems in order to assess present and future availability of the materials.
  • Being in charge of the purchase department, he will have to develop and implement purchasing and contract management instructions and their policies.
  • It will be also his duty to resolve any vendor or contractor grievances, and solve any disputed claims against the suppliers.
  • He will have to arrange for disposal of surplus materials.

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