Purchasing Manager Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Purchasing Manager Duties

The major job duty of a purchase manager is to negotiate effectively and maintain a good supplier and vendor relationships. He will also have to review and evaluate supplier performance in terms of price, on time delivery, lead time and quality. He will have to see that the basic job duty of the purchase manager is to see that the total cost of procurement gets minimized by reviewing the supplier offerings.

Job Duties of a Purchase Manager

  • He needs a good coordination with the management team to ensure that the correct raw materials are being supplied at the proper time.
  • He will have to do market analysis and decide accordingly the availability of future availability of materials. He will also have to regularly prepare market analysis reports.
  • He will have to be very professional in choosing the selection of suppliers. While choosing the suppliers, he must see that they are efficient enough to deliver standard quality materials at the right time and at the cheapest price.
  • His additional duty will be to give feedback based on the performance to the suppliers. If there is any deficiency, he will have to initiate steps on improving them in consultation with the suppliers

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