Purchasing Coordinator Job Duties

By | July 10, 2012

Purchasing Coordinator job duties include dealing with the suppliers to get the best possible deals, signing the deal with them, working in association with the purchasing coordinator, etc. It is essential to have good communication skills, the ability to coordinate with people from different departments and knowledge of the products one is dealing with in order to handle the task of a purchasing manager efficiently.

There is no specific educational requirement for this position; a person just requires a high school diploma. In certain companies you may be asked for a bachelor’s degree. Although it is not essential to have any relevant work experience; some employers may ask for it.

Purchasing Coordinator Job Duties

  • Purchasing Coordinator needs to coordinate with the suppliers and other dealers to acquire the required material for the company.
  • Purchasing Coordinator needs to provide a list of the material required by different departments in the organization.
  • Purchasing Coordinator is required to coordinate with different departments in order to find out their purchase requirement.
  • Purchasing Coordinator needs to understand the company’s budget and look for suppliers who can provide quality material within the defined budget.
  • Purchasing Coordinator needs to conduct meetings with the senior company officials in order to discuss about the deals being offered by the various suppliers he has met.
  • Purchasing Coordinator needs to assist the purchasing managers in handling operational projects.
  • Purchasing Coordinator is required to coordinate with the members from the production department.
  • Purchasing Coordinator is required to handle the paper work related to the purchases made.
  • Purchasing Coordinator needs to work as per the guidelines set by the company.
  • Purchasing Coordinator is required to supervise the movement of the purchased goods within the store of the company premises.
  • Purchasing Coordinator needs to complaint about any fault related to the purchased goods and get them replaced or rectified.

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