Purchasing Assistant Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Purchasing Assistant Duties

The basic job of a purchasing assistant is to compile and maintain records of business transactions and office activities of the Purchasing Department, and supporting the Purchasing Manager and others as and when needed.

Job Duties of Purchasing Assistant

  • His job duty will be distributing job information to subcontractors which includes model option selections, etc.
  • He will have to prepare the spreadsheets and obtain the details for the price increases.
    He will be initiating contract addendum after approval.
  • It will be his major job duty to assist the subcontractors with field, contract or billing problems.


  • He will have to maintain regular contact with Purchasing Manager, Marketing Staff, Field Office Staff, Superintendents, Subcontractors, and other Purchasing Staff.
  • He must compile all Sales Manual of standard materials and options offered for each project.
  • He will have to maintain a vendor list of prospective subcontractors and materials or new products.
  • He will have to collect and enter bids into spreadsheets for evaluation by the Purchasing Manager. It will be also his duty to enter all contracts into software, prints and sends them to subcontractors.
  • He will be providing samples and information to sales staff and create order forms for Sales Associates.
  • He will have to provide necessary information to subcontractors and superintendents.

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