Purchasing Agent and Buyer Job Duties

By | August 9, 2010

Purchasing Agent and Buyer Duties

The main job duty of a purchasing agent is to coordinate and direct activities of the workers who are engaged in cutting, transporting, storing or milling the products and maintain the proper records accordingly. He will also be responsible for processing and resale of purchased products. It will be also his duty to maintain the records of business transactions and product inventories.

Job Duties of a Purchasing Agent

  • It will be his duty of the purchasing agent to arrange for the transportation and storage of purchased products.
  • The purchasing agent must examine and test the materials and the products to estimate their value, determine their grade, and locate any evidence of defect in the supplied material.
  • He must maintain a record of all his business transactions and report those data to the companies or government agencies as and when necessary.
  • He will have to review the orders from time to time to determine the types of the product and the quantities required to meet their demand.
  • He will negotiate with his suppliers and the buyers to get the best available price so that his profits become maximum in course of the business deal. He will have to continuously look for new buyers so that he can negotiate properly with the suppliers.

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