Publicity Consultant Job Duties

By | July 15, 2011

Publicity Consultant Duties

Publicity Consultant is a person with professional skills who helps in creating good will and promoting companies, groups or persons among prospective consumers and creates the best business opportunities. Publicity consultant helps you to promote your product via various communication media. He may also prepare marketing strategies which directly interact with customers.

Job duties of Publicity Consultant

  • Publicity consultant helps you to promote your products with the help of various media in the market. He may guide numerous of plans for promotion.
  • Publicity consultant helps in managing the whole cost control and take close look over the changing market.
  • He has to keep on tracking the latest media which is capable of identifying various facilities of media interaction. These media will help to make promotion in the fastest ways.
  • He has to plan various strategies which can be used to execute press conferences, media planning, post events and ensuring the presence in the events.
  • Publicity consultant deals with the preparation of press release and broadcast the same.
  • Publicity consultant makes a relevant approach towards the various media and takes the better help of those media in promoting.
  • He has to make a better approach towards the activities given by the customers and client.

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