Public Relations Officer Job Duties

By | January 30, 2014

A public relations officer is one who manages the public image of the organization. The reputation and client satisfaction are the primary duties that the candidate fulfills as a public relations officer. The public relations officer job duties are numerous and vary according to the requirements of each company. As the candidate is required to maintain good public relations candidates who have a pleasing personality along with good communication skills are most preferred for this position.

Public Relations Officer Job Duties

  • Public relations strategic planning and implementation of the decisions of the company is the primary duty of this candidate.
  • The candidate is also required to maintain good interpersonal relations with colleagues in various departments in the company in order to secure public image of the company in every aspect.
  • Even liasoning activities with all the sources of media are a duty that the public relations officer has to fulfill.
  • Providing information about the company to external sources through telephone, email etc is to be undertaken by the public relations officer at all times.
  • Undertaking research and assembling of company information that has to appear in media has to be completed by the candidate as and when necessary.
  • Distribution of broachers, press releases and ad campaigns again is the duty of the public relations officer.
  • Organizing all the collected information for promotional activities apart from ensuring their proper printing and distribution has to be performed by this candidate.
  • A public relations officer is also required to maintain and modify the website of the company by segregation of all the vital information in an orderly manner on the website.
  • The duty of organizing events, public conferences and meetings is the key duty that a public relations officer has to fulfill whenever it is required to be organized.

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