Public Information Officer Job Duties

By | February 3, 2014

Public Information Officer Job duties include informing all the citizens about the numerous activities conducted by the government agencies. It’s a very crucial profile that demands lot of integrity and awareness about the local laws and practices. They basically work as a spokesperson or also assist as advisors to people who would be going and talking in front of the cameras.

Media and public relation duties for the police forces, local agencies, health departments and federal groups are also done by Public Information Officers. They work as a liaison between the media and government authorities.

Public Information Officer Job Duties

  • Public Information Officers are the mediators between the media and the government as they plan and prepare all media reports for various conferences and media meetings.
  • They also write the media reports and releases on behalf of the authorities.
  • They escort the media person or reporters who would visit their department of government body for the media releases.
  • They maintain the data base an archive of news and reports for the media agency.
  • All the requests sent by the reporters and media persons are addressed by Public Information Officer.
  • They also manage direct communication with the public by informing them about the latest developments and changes at the government level.
  • They also create some informational videos for the public along with maintaining the government website so that the public can have latest updates.
  • All the posters, brochures, printed and electronic newsletters are also prepared and maintained by the Public Information Officer.
  • Many a times Public Information Officer also answers the phone calls to public and other media professionals.
  • In the public conferences they may present their agency and departments.
  • Public Information Officer also plan public conferences and meetings for their agency.

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