Psychiatric Technician Job Duties

By | January 19, 2012

A Psychiatric Technician offers nursing care to the mentally ill or the emotionally disturbed patients. It is essential to have a relevant degree in order to get into this profession. Most hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres prefer hiring a Psychiatric Technician with prior work experience in the same field.

Psychiatric Technician Job Duties

  • Psychiatric Technicians are hired to provide nursing care to the mentally challenged or emotionally disturbed patients.
  • They help the patients admitted in the rehabilitation and trauma centres in various activities during their treatment.
  • They try to create a friendly environment so that the patients and their relatives feel at ease.
  • They help the patients in their day-to-day activities such as bathing, clothing, easting, etc.
  • Psychiatric Technicians administer oral medications and injections. They ensure that the patients are given medicines on time.
  • They assist the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals in carrying out the treatments.
  • Psychiatric Technician measure and keep a record of the patient’s physical conditions for instance their temperature, pulse rate, weight, height, respiration, etc.
  • They closely monitor the patients in order to observe the behaviour patterns of the patients and report the same to the doctors.
  • They communicate with the patients in order to understand their psyche and provide counselling sessions to help them get out of their present mental state.
  • Psychiatric Technicians conduct therapeutic sessions under the guidance of the doctors.
  • They assist the new patients or their family members in filling up the admission forms.
  • They contact the patient’s relatives/ guardians and arrange family conferences.

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