Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Job Duties

By | February 21, 2014

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners job duties involve numerous roles and responsibilities. They work with psychiatrist and they are also called as mental health nurse practitioners. Similar to a psychiatrist these nursing professionals help in diagnosing the mental troubles along with prescribing the medication under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

These professionals must have a deep understanding about the psychiatric procedures and they must be willing to act as a therapist to help the patients who might be suffering from anxiety, depression and other psychological symptoms. These Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners also help in the counselling process of the patients.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Job Duties

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners help the psychiatrist in treating and diagnosing the patients.
  • They are the trained professionals who use their psychology related knowledge in helping the patients who could be suffering from mental illnesses.
  • They assist the psychiatrist in the therapies given to patients in the clinics or in the hospitals.
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are also responsible for the administration of the medicines according to the instruction of the doctors.
  • The patient treatment plans are also designed and developed by these nursing professionals who could do this job under the supervision of their psychiatrist. Senior nurses with rich experience in patient management can manage this job alone as well.
  • All the medical records are filed with the help of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and they also maintain the patient’s data base.
  • Medications are being prescribed to the patients by these nurses.
  • The primary mental health care treatments are given to the patients by these nurses who are well trained in all the techniques and instruments used in the treatment process.
  • The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are also involved with preparing the patient’s discharge reports with all the details and information’s about the medication.

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