Property Manager Job Duties

By | July 1, 2010

Property Manager Duties

Being a Property Manager your concerned area of duties would be to sell, lease, transfer and operate real estate property. A major part of this job consists of property management. If someone wants to rent any sort of investment property, then you will have to assist him to get his job done.

Job Duties of a Property Manager

  • Your chief responsibility is selling or leasing of houses or properties. To execute that you should build a good relationship with the marketing industry, so that they become aware which particular possessions has to be sold or rented out.
  • You can also present the particular Property for Sale display board in front of the house. If anyone becomes interested in the property, then you will have to show it to the person interested in buying it. Beside that, you will have to guide them thoroughly in buying the property.
  • If any particular property has to be rented out then it will be your job to search for good tenants, collecting rent from the tenants, as well as supervise so that the property is maintained well.
  • Another job of a property manager is to make sure that the infrastructure of property is not compromised. It may include plumbing safety and strength of the structure. In addition to this make sure that the property owner has cleared all the pending taxes against it.

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