Property Consultant Job Duties

By | March 19, 2014

Property consultants are involved in dealings of land acquisition between land owners and land buyers.

These consultants do the area research and prepare lists of prospects for real estate deals. They find clients who are interested in buying a piece of land or a flat in a building and show them all the available plots around the area of interest. Property Consultants job duties include preparing property listings, interviewing clients, accompanying clients while visiting the site and drawing up real estate contracts.

Property Consultant Job Duties

  • This job requires a person to have fair idea about the market conditions in real estate. They need to conduct an extensive research of the areas and current rates.
  • It also includes appraisals of the rates and terms and conditions of real estate acquisition laws in the state in which the deal is going to take place. The appraisals need to be done on a regular basis so that the database is up-to-date.
  • He has to perform legal formalities involved in the land acquisition deals. Every contract has to be made with detailed mention of clauses that are applicable to both the parties and the land under consideration.
  • During the negotiations all the terms and conditions need to be discussed before making a legal contract. These negotiations are supervised and facilitated by property consultants. It is their responsibility to make sure both the buyer and sellers are on the same page during the discussions.
  • In today‚Äôs world a property consultant needs to be good at online advertising and social networking. It is wide reaching if a consultant takes enquiries online and establishes a rapport with his prospective client.
  • The candidate needs to deal with different clients and thus he should be social and good at communication. In the field of property acquisition it is very important to have integrity, so the consultants must establish trust factor with his clients.

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